Shattered Core

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Delve into a world of perilous exploits and horror!

Millennia ago, the world of Feneryss shattered. The Alypse gathered in the millions to sacrifice themselves in a ritual to their god, Ragnarok. They failed, and in so doing destroyed the world. The liturgical bled magic into the world, known as arkäna, and allowed unimaginable eldritch horrors to cross the divide. The oceans boiled away, tectonic plates clashed, and catastrophic storm systems ravaged civilization. Mankind was reduced to scrounging in the ash and rubble. Subjected to the elements— and the warped power of arkäna— humanity transformed. When the dust settled, not one, but eight distinct races arose to face the challenge.

What will you do? Will you defend budding civilization from the monsters and undead roaming the world? Will you captain a motley crew aboard your very own airship? Will you harness the power of the elements and Aspects for good or evil? Will you be the one to unravel the world’s arkäne mysteries and ascend to godhood?

There are many paths for an ambitious adventurer.
What is yours?

Shattered is a 288 page, full-color, self-contained pen-and-paper roleplaying game. Inside you will find comprehensive guides for players and Game Masters, detailed descriptions of the people and places of Feneryss, complete tutorials for constructing airships, and more than 75 pre-made monsters. Gather a handful of your friends around the table and realize your favorite imagined heroes in the adventures you’ve always dreamed of!

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