Shattered Core Rulebook

Millennia ago, the world of Feneryss shattered. The Alypse gathered in the millions to sacrifice themselves in a ritual to their god, Ragnarok. When they failed, magic bled into the world allowing unimaginable horrors to cross over. Oceans boiled away, tectonic plates clashed, and catastrophic storms ravaged the planet. When the dust settled eight distinct races arose to face the challenge.

Shattered is a 288-page, self-contained pen-and-paper roleplaying game. Inside you will find guides for players and game masters, detailed descriptions of the people and places of Feneryss, more than 75 pre-made monsters, and much, much more.

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Vanquishing Darkness:
A Shattered Campaign

Welcome to your tumultuous introduction to the Shattered universe! Fill the shoes of airship crash survivors, and struggle against the elements to cobble together a functioning vessel before the undead overwhelm you and your allies. If you survive, good luck besting the politicians of Pulse and the death cult that wants something you have.

Vanquishing Darkness has been written with new Game Masters in mind. Beginning in chapter 1, you will be given dialogue to reference and a handful of player choices to manage. Each of the two following chapters (as they are completed) will slowly hand over the reins until you are manging decisions and character interactions like a pro.

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Shattered Core Errata v1.1.4 PDF
Shattered World Map PDF
Player Sheets v1 Zipped PDFs
Player Sheets v2 Zipped PDFs